North Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

Resolution Directing a Loan of Ten Thousand Dollars to Wake Forest College.

1840-1841 - Public Resolutions

Laws of the State of North Carolina Passed in 1840-1841 - Page 109.

Resolved, That the President and Directors of the Literary Fund of this State, loan to the President and Trustees of the Wake Forest College, for the term of four years, the sum of ten thousand dollars, upon taking bond with good and sufficient security for the same, to be approved of by the President and Directors of the Literary Fund. The interest on said loan to be paid annually, and the said bond to be renewed upon each annual payment of the interest, with liberty on the part of the said President and Trustees, to pay any portion of said principal sum at an earlier period.

Ratified this, the 11th day of January, A.D. 1841.

John M. Morehead, Governor
Robert B. Gilliam, Speaker of the House of Commons
Andrew Joyner, Speaker of the Senate

Secretary of State's Office, April, 1841

I, William Hill, Secretary of State in and for the State of North Carolina,
do hereby certify that the Acts and Resolutions contained in this Pamphlet
are true copies of the original Acts and Resolutions passed by the General
Assembly of this State, at its late session.

William Hill, Secretary of State

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