North Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act to Establish an Academy in the County of Orange.

1819 - Chapter LIII

The Laws of the State of North Carolina 1819 - Pages 50-51.

BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the Academy now under the superintendence and management of the Reverend William Bingham in the County of Orange, shall be and the same is hereby declared to be a public seminary of learning, and the trustees and students therein shall have, exercise and enjoy all the privileges belonging to incorporated Academies within this State.

II. Be it further enacted, That the said Reverend William Bingham, James Mebane, William Mebane, Jethro Byrd, John Campbell and William Murray, be and they are hereby appointed managers of the said Academy, with full power and authority to make such rules and regulations for the government of said Academy as may tend to promote literature and preserve order and morality therein. And a majority of said managers may from time to time appoint other managers to fill any vacancy or vacancies, which may take place in their board, by death, resignation or removal of either or any of the said managers.

Approved: November 20, 1819

John Branch, Governor
Bartlett Yancey, Speaker of the Senate
Romulus M. Saunders, Speaker of the House of Commons

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