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An Act to Authorize the Sale of the Town Commons of the Town of Trenton in Jones County, and to Establish an Academy in Said County.

1818 - Chapter XCIV

The Laws of the State of North Carolina 1818 - Pages 81-82

BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That Durant Hatch, Jr., Robert O'Kornegey and Alexander Sledge, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to lay off the lands adjoining the town of Trenton in Jones County, which were reserved as a town common in the Act establishing Said town, into lots of such size as they shall deem fit, and shall sell the said lots, except as hereinafter excepted, to the highest bidder, at public sale, during the sitting of some court of Jones County, at a credit of not less than six months; and the deeds of the said commissioners or any two of them to any purchaser of said lots his heirs and assigns, shall convey the estate in fee simple in such lots, to such purchaser, his heirs and assigns forever: Provided, That said commissioners before such sale, shall give bond to the chairman of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Jones County, with such security as said court shall approve, in the sum of two thousand dollars for their faithful discharge of the duties aforesaid.

II. Be it further enacted, That said commissioners shall lay off a lot of said ground not less than two acres for the use of the seminary of learning hereinafter established, and one other lot of not less than one acre for the purpose of erecting one or more places of worship, as the inhabitants of said town of Trenton, may at any time think proper.

III. Be it further enacted, That the said commissioners shall make a return to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Jones County at the first term after their said sale of all their proceedings under this Act, with a plat of said land, their division of the same into lots, shewing the lot reserved for the seminary of learning, and that reserved for the places of worship; and upon demand of the Trustees of the Academy hereinafter named or their successors in office, shall deliver and assign to the said Trustees, the whole proceeds of the said sale of said lots for the use of
said Academy.

IV. Be it further enacted, That James Shine, Durant Hatch, Jr., Robert O'Kornegay, Alexander Sledge, Isaac Hathway, Lemuel Hatch, William H. Conner and Hardy Bryan, be, and they are hereby declared to be, a body politic and corporate, by the name of the Trustees of the Trenton Academy, and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and shall have power to appoint a Treasurer; and power and authority to ask, demand and receive whatever may be given or become due to said corporation, and to do and act in all things which shall tend to the promotion of said Academy in as full and ample a manner as the trustees of all other academies in this states and shall have power to make bye-laws for the good government thereof not repugnant to the laws of this State; and upon the death, removal or refusal to act of any of said Trustees, the remaining Trustees or a majority of them shall have power to appoint other Trustees in their places; the said Treasurer shall give bond to said Trustees in the sum of one thousand dollars for the faithful discharge of his duty.

V. Be it further enacted, That the lot of ground, herein before directed to be reserved for a seminary of learning, shall be, and hereby is vested in said Trustees and their successors in office, in trust for the use of said Academy forever, and the lot reserved for public worship is hereby vested in the commissioners of the town of Trenton for the purpose aforesaid forever.

VI. And be it further enacted, That the Trustees of the Trenton Academy aforesaid shall be entitled to demand, sue for and recover for the benefit of said Academy, all monies which may be in the hands of any person or persons whatever that have been received on account of rent for the said town commons or any part thereof, and be authorized to call the said receivers of such rent to account, in such manner as may be most consistent with the usages of law.

VII. And be it further enacted, That so much of any Act or Acts as come within the purview of this Act, be the same is hereby repealed.

Approved: November 17, 1818

John Branch, Governor
Bartlett Yancey, Speaker of the Senate
James Iredell, Jr., Speaker of the House of Commons

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