North Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act to Amend an Act Passed at Raleigh in the Year 1805, Entitled "An Act to Establish an Academy in the County of Buncombe."

1809 - Chapter LXXIX

The Laws of North Carolina of 1809 - Pages 27-28

Whereas said Academy labors under disadvantages for the want of funds, but in every other respect is in a flourishing situation: For remedy whereof,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the trustees of said Academy, or their successors in office, either appointed or that may be appointed, agreeable to the directions, provisions and restrictions in the establishment of the same, have full power and authority to raise the sum of five thousand dollars by way of lottery, for the purpose ot completing the necessary buildings, and purchasing lands and apparatus, &tc. for the use of the same, and also for the purpose of establishing a Female Academy in the town of Asheville, under the direction of the said trustees; such part of such sum of money so to be raised, to be applied to each purpose, as a majority of said trustees may think advisable. And said trustees, or a majority of them, at their first meeting after the passing of this Act, shall choose five of their body to draft a scheme of said lottery, who shall be considered the entire managers of the same, and previous to their entering on the duties of their office, they shall each swear in open court, ' That they will do equal justice to all persons and parties concerned.' And they shall also enter into bond jointly to the chairman of the court; in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, for their punctually paying out of the money received for the sale of tickets, to the fortunate drawers, in sixty days after said drawing is completed, if properly appied for, first deducting such per cent, as may be agreed upon by said managers in favor of said institution so established, and to be established. And said managers shall have full powers and authority to establish and carry on said scheme in such way as they may think most advisable to promote the interest of all concerned; and may sue and be sued as managers of the same, and be heard as such in all courts of record.

II. And be it further enacted, That in honor to the present Pastor and Teacher of said Academy, in future, said Academy shall be called and known by the name of The Newton Academy; and that all gifts or donations heretofore made, and all contracts now pending, and every thing heretofore agreed upon relative to the Union Hill Academy, shall be considered to exist, and stand upon the same footing with the Newton Academy; and all arrearages due shall be collected in the same manner, as if the name of the same had never been altered. And the commissioners shall continue the same, and all vacancies that may take place shall be filled up on the same principles as originally agreed upon and provided for in the above recited Act; any thing heretofore to the contrary notwithstanding.

Read three times and ratified in General Assembly,
21st December, 1809
William White, Secretary

Jos. Riddick, S.S.
T. Davis, S.H.C.

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