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An Act for Establishing an Academy in the Town of Tarborough, and for Authorizing the Trustees to Raise a Sum, not Exceeding One Thousand Pounds, for the Benefit of Such Academy.

1793 - Chapter XLIII

The Laws of North Carolina of 1793 - Pages 21-22

I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That John Leigh, Etheldred Philips, Amos Johnson, Edward Hall, Jacob Battle, John Ingles and Blake Baker, be and they are hereby declared to be a body politic and corporate, to be known and distinguished by the name of the Trustees of the academy of Tarborough, and by that name shall have perpetual succession and a common seal; and that the Trustees and their successors, or a majority of them, by the name aforesaid, shall be able and capable in law to make, demand, receive and possess, all monies, goods and chattels that shall be given them for the use of the said academy, and the same to apply according to the will of the donor; and by gift, purchase or devise to take, have, receive, possess, enjoy and retain, to them and their successors forever, any land, rent, tenements and hereditaments, of what kind, nature or quality forever the same may be, in special trust and confidence that the same or profits thereof shall be applied to and for the use and purposes of establishing and endowing the said academy.

II. And be it further enacted, That the Trustees and their successorts, or a majority of them, by the name aforesaid, shall be able and capable in law to bargain and sell, grant, demise, alien, or dispose of and convey and assure to the purchasers, any such lands, rents, tenements and hereditaments aforesaid; and further that the said Trustees and their successors forever, or a majority of them, shall be able and capable in law, by the name aforesaid, to sue and implead, be sued and impleaded, answer and be answered, in all Courts of record whatsoever; and they shall have power to open and receive subscriptions, and in general they shall and may do all such things as are usually done by bodies corporate and politic.

III. And be it futher enacted, That on the death, refusal to act, resignation or removal out of the state of any of the Trustees for the time being, it shall be lawful for the remaining Trustees, or a majority of them, and they are hereby authorized and required, to elect and appoint one or more Trustees in the place of such Trustee or Trustees dying, refusing to act, resigning or removing.

IV. And be it futher enacted, That the said Trustees, in order to carry the present Act into effect, shall have power to choose a President of the Board, Secretary and Treasurer, and the Treasurer shall hold his office for the term of two years, and enter into bond to the President of the Board for the time being, in the form of two thousand pounds, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his office and the trust reposed in him, and at the expiration of his office shall account for, pay and deliver over to the succeeding Treasurer, all monies that may be in his hands belonging to the Trustees; and on his neglect or refusal to account for, pay and deliver, the same method of recovery may be had against him as is or may be provided for the recovery of monies from Sheriffs or other persons chargeable with public monies.

V. And be it further enacted, That the said Trustees, or a majority of them, shall be and they are hereby authorized and empowered, to raise by way of lotter, to be drawn under their particular superintendence and inspection, a sum or sums not exceeeding one thousand pounds, for the use and benefit of the said academy.

Read three times and ratified in General Assembly,
the 11th day of January, Anno Domini, 1794
J. Glasgow, Secretary

William Lenoir, S.S.
J. Leigh, S.H.C.

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