North Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act for Establishing an Academy in the County of Granville, for Appointing Trustees, and for Other Purposes

1779 - Chapter XXV

The State Records of North Carolina - Volume XXIV, Pages 296-297

I. Whereas the proper education of youth in this state is highly necessary, and would answer the most valuable and beneficial purposes to the good people thereof; and whereas the county of Granville, from its situation both pleasant and healthy, well watered and abounding with provisions, is a fit and proper place to erect buildings for a seminary of learning; and whereas large sums of money have already been subscribed to promote and encourage such a laudable and beneficial establishment, which, together with such other sums as may be given in donations and otherwise, will answer all the expense attending the same:

II. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that his Excellency Richard Caswell, Esq.; Abner Nash, Esq.; Speaker of the Senate, and Thomas Benbury, Esq.; Speaker of the House of Commons, John Penn, Esq.; Reverend George Micklejohn, the Reverend Henry Patillo, Thomas Person, Edumnd Taylor, John Taylor, Memucan Hunt, Philemon Hawkins, jun., Howell Lewis, Robert Lewis, Charles Russ Eaton, John Young, and Samuel Smith, be, and are hereby constituted and appointed trustees, with full power and authority to receive into their hands and possession all monies and other personable property, as also to receive a grant in fee for all such land as shall be given in donations, with such uses and trusts as may be necessary for the purpose aforesaid.

III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that a majority of the said trustees shall be, and are hereby declared a board, to make choice of land, receive in donations, or purchase the same in the said county, not containing less than five hundred acres, whereon to erect the building of the academy aforesaid, which when built shall be called Granville Hall; and that a majority of said trustees shall be a board on other occasions to make all such regulations as shall be necessary for the improvement of the said academy, who are hereby vested with all the powers and authorities as the trustees of any academy in this state possess and hold, for the purposes aforesaid.

IV. And whereas a town contiguous to the said buildings would be very convenient and servicable, Be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that the said majority of the trustees as aforesaid shall lay out one hundred acres of the said land into half acre lots, with proper streets and squares; and when one hundred lots are subscribed for, the same to be drawn by ballot, and any five of the said trustees shall make a deed in fee to every subscriber who shall draw a lot as aforesaid.

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