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An Act to Amend an Act, Intituled An Act for Founding, Establishing, and Endowing, of Queen's College, in the Town of Charlotte, in Mecklenburg County

1771 - Chapter IX

The State Records of North Carolina - Volume XXIII, Page 857 - Points to:
The State Records of North Carolina - Volume XXV - Page 520
One source asserts that this and the original Act were repealed. King George III rejected the college in 1772.

I. Whereas, by the before recited Act the President of the College is required, at the Public Commencement to confer the Honors of the said Seminary on such as shall be thought deserving, and in Testimony thereof to give such Scholar or Scholars so graduated a diploma, which shall be signed by the President, and the Majority of the Fellows and Trustees of the said College: and as it sometimes happens that the said President cannot be present at such Commencement, whereby such scholar or scholars cannot be graduated as aforesaid;

II. Be it therefore Enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly, and by the Authority of the same, That it shall and may be lawful for the Trustees and fellows of the said College, or a majority of them, and they are hereby authorized, impowered, and required to Elect, nominate, constitute, and appoint in the same manner as in the before recited Act is directed, a Vice-President, which said Vice President, so elected, in the Absence of the President, shall and hereby is declared to have the same Privileges, Powers and Authorities as the President of the said College is invested with.

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