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An Act for the Building of a House for a School and the Residence of a School Master in the Town of Newbern.

1764 - Chapter XX

The State Records of North Carolina - Volume XXIII, Page 631 - Points to:
The State Records of North Carolina - Volume XXV, Pages 484-485

I. Whereas, the Inhabitants of the Town of New Bern, and Craven County, for the encouraging and promoting of Learning, are willing and desirous of building a House for a School, with proper Conveniences for the Residence of a School-Master, in the said town, by Subscription; and Part of the Four Lots formerly appropriated for the building of a Church on, and other Purposes, by an Act of Assembly passed the Twenty First Day of August, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty, being deemed the most proper and convenient Part of the said Town for the same:

II. Be it therefore Enacted, by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, and by the Authority of the same, That Half of Two of the said Lots, known in the Plan of the said Town by the Numbers of 59, and 60, beginning at the Corner of Craven and Pollock Streets, and running along Pollock Street Six Poles and a half; then across the said Two Lots, Number 59 and 60, in a parallel Line with Craven Street, Thirteen Poles to the North Side of Lot Number 60; then along the said lot in a parallel Line with Pollock Street to Craven Street then along Craven Street Thirteen Poles to the Beginning; shall, and is hereby vested in the Reverend Mr. James Reed, Mr. John Williams, Mr. Joseph Leech, Mr. Thomas Clifford Howe, Mr. Thomas Hasten, Mr. Richard Cogdell, and Mr. Richard Fenner, and their Successors, as Trustees, for the Uses and Purposes aforesaid, for ever, and for no other Use or Purpose whatsoever; and they the said Trustees, and their successors, or the Majority of them, are hereby invested with full Power and Authority to make such Rules and Orders from Time to Time as to them shall seem most proper, for the building, encouraging, and regulating the same; and shall and may, from Time to Time, appoint such Person or Persons as they shall judge most fit and proper to keep the said School; and on the Misbehaviour of any Schoolmaster, to appoint such other Person as they shall judge more proper, in the Room and Stead of such misbehaving Schoolmaster.

III. And in Order that the Number of the said Trustees may be kept up; Be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That on the Death or Removal out of the Province of any of them, it shall and may be lawful for the Majority of the remaining Part of them, together with a Majority of the surviving Persons who shall subscribe and pay to the Amount of Five Pounds towards building and promoting the said School, who shall be present at any Election herein after directed, from Time to Time, as often as Occasion shall require, to choose at the said School-house, some other Person in the Room and Stead of every such Trustee, they the said surviving Trustees first giving due Notice to the said Subscribers, of the Time such Choice is to be made, by giving at least Ten Days Notice thereof, by putting up Advertisements at the Church and said School-House Doors.

Read three times and ratified in open Assembly, 9 March, 1764

Arthur Dobbs, Esq., Governor
James Murray, President
John Ashe, Speaker

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