North Carolina - Legislative Acts Creating Precincts / Counties

An Act Appointing That Part of Albemarle County Lying on the West Side of Chowan River, to be a Precinct, by the Name of Bertie Precinct.

Laws of North Carolina Passed in 1722

The State Records of North Carolina Volume XXIII - Page 100.

I. Whereas that part of Albemarle County lying on the West Side of Chowan River, being part of Chowan Precinct, is now inhabited almost to the utmost of the said County Westward, and by reason of the remote situation thereof, the Inhabitants, which are growing very numerous, cannot, without too great Inconvenience, be continued any longer as part of Chowan Precinct: Wherefore.

II. Be It Enacted by his Excellency the Palatine, and the rest of the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carolina, by and with the Advice and Consent of the rest of the Members of the General Assembly, now met at Edenton, at Queen Anne's Creek, in Chowan Precinct, for the North East Part of the said Province, and it is hereby Enacted, by the Authority of the same, That that part of Albemarle County lying on the West Side of Chowan River, being part of Chowan Precinct, bounded to the Northward by the line dividing this Government from Virginia, and the Southward by Albemarle Sound and Morattuck River, as far up as Welch's Creek, and then including both sides of the said River, and the Branches thereof, as far as the limits of this Government, be, and the same is hereby declared to be erected into a Precinct, by the name of Bertie Precinct, in Albemarle County; with all and every the Rights and Priviledges, and other Benefits and Advantages whatsoever, as any other of the Four Precincts in Albemarle County can or may have, use, or enjoy.

III. And Be It Further Enacted, by the Authority aforsaid That the Election for Representatives for the said Precinct, shall always be at the Court House for the said Precinct, or at such Place as shall be appointed for building the said Court House on.

Signed by:

WILLIAM REED, Esq., President,
THOMAS LOVICK, Lords Proprietors Deputies.

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