North Carolina - Legislative Acts Creating Precincts / Counties

The Colonial Act has yet to be found. The following comes from the Executive Council Journal, Dec. 3, 1705.

Archdale Precinct, Pamtecough Precinct, Wickham Precinct

The Colonial Records of North Carolina Volume I

Page 629.

North Carolina—ss.

At a Council, holden at the House of the Honble Edward Moseley Esqre in Chowan, on Monday the 3rd day of December, An: Dom: 1705.


The Honble Thomas Cary Esqre Depty Govr etc.
The Honble Thomas Pollock Esqr Lord Depty
The Honble Samuel Swann Esqr Lord Depty
The Honble John Arderne Esqr Lord Depty
The Honble Edward Moseley Esqr Lord Depty

This Board taking into their serious Consideration that whereas the County of Bath, is now grown populous and daily encreasing, do hereby think fit and it is hereby ordered, that three Precincts be erected in the said County bounding as follows Vizt The Precinct of Pamptecough, lying on the north side of Pamptecough River and beginning at Molines's Creek, and westerly to the head of the river. The Precinct of Wickham beginning at the said Molines's Creek, so including all the Lands and Rivers from said Creek to Matchepungo Bluff; and the Precinct of Archdale taking all the south side of the said river, and at present, including all the Inhabitants of Newse. And it is hereby further ordered that every of the aforesaid Precincts shall choose two Members to sit and vote in all succeeding Assembly's, pursuant to Act of Assembly.

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