Education in Carolina Prior to the "Split"

Although Carolina was originally envisioned to be a single colony, it was settled and administered as two separate and distinct colonies from the very beginning. There are many instances whereby Carolina was approached and treated as a singular colony, such as exploration and the attempts to impose the Fundamental Constitutions upon all citizens. However, with separate governments established and evolving quite differently in Albemarle and Charles Town, it is very evident that each of these "sub-colonies" approached Education quite differently as well.

With that said, in the early days of both Albemarle (NC) and Charles Town (SC) there were many similarities that may prove to be somewhat redundant in the following accounts. But, the reader will quickly understand how Education evolved very differently and at very different times in the two colonies, even prior to the "Split."


Education in North Carolina in the late 1600s

Education in South Carolina in the late 1600s


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