Carolina Lords Proprietors

William Craven, 2nd Baron Craven

William Craven, 2nd Baron Craven (October 24, 1668 - October 9, 1711) was the the son of Sir William Craven, a grandson of a cousin of William Craven, 1st Baron Craven. His main residence was Coombe Abbey, near Coventry in Warwickshire.

Since the longest-living original Lords Proprietor of Carolina, William Craven, 1st Baron of Craven, died a bachelor in 1697, his share of Carolina was inherited by this man - a distant cousin and often referred to as his grand-nephew.

This William Craven took his seat in the House of Lords the same year he became a Lords Proprietor for Carolina. He was also Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire from 1702 to his death in 1711.

Also in 1697, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Humberston Skipwith, and they had three sons.

Upon the death of John Grenville, 1st Baron of Granville of Potheridge on December 3, 1707, William Craven, 2nd Baron Craven was named the seventh Palatine of Carolina.

Upon his death in 1711, his eldest son, William Craven, 3rd Baron Craven inherited his share of Carolina. Also upon his death, Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Albemarle was named the eighth Palatine of Carolina.
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