Carolina Lords Proprietors

Samuel Horsey

Samuel Horsey (b.?, d. August 17, 1738) is described as being of Mortlake, Surrey. In 1702, he was a Lieutenant of the Foot Guards, and in 1703, he was Lieutenant of the Horse Guards. By 1722, he was a Lieutenant Colonel of the 4th Troop of Horse Guards. In 1722, he resigned his commission in expectation of an appointment by the Lords Proprietors to a governmental post in South Carolina. In 1726, the Lords Proprietors did appoint him to be the next governor of South Carolina, but since the Crown now had control of South Carolina (since 1719/1720), the Crown did not approve of Samuel Horsey.

There are several references that along with their appointment as governor, the Lords Proprietors also made Samuel Horsey a Landgrave in South Carolina by granting him "four baronies of 12,000 acres each" on March 30, 1726. There is no real evidence that Horsey ever actually received this land or exercised his title of Landgrave in South Carolina.

Samuel Horsey claimed that he was "the first proposer of the surrender of Carolina to H.M. [His Majesty], and procured a petition to be signed by six of the Lords Proprietors to the King for that purpose. After which he did by the mediation of the Earl of Westmoreland negotiate and settle the terms of the said surrender."

He is said to have "been at great pains and expence in carrying on and effecting this agreement which is allowed to be a very beneficial one to the publick." He was one of the trustees named in the Act of Parliament for executing the Lords Proprietors' surrender of their interests in Carolina in 1728/1729.

In September of 1732, the Gentleman's Magazine reported that Samuel Horsey had been "elected Governor at a General Court of the York Building Company."

In 1728, James Bertie transferred his share of Carolina to four young men, one being his son - Edward Bertie, Alexius Clayton, Samuel Horsey (this man), and Henry Smith - in hopes they would drive the best bargain in his behalf when this share was sold to the Crown in 1728/1729.


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