Carolina Lords Proprietors

Sir Peter Colleton, 2nd Baronet

Sir Peter Colleton, 2nd Baronet (baptized September 17, 1635 - March 24, 1694) was the son of Sir John Colleton, 1st Baronet and inherited his father's share of Carolina upon his death in 1666. He married Elizabeth Leslie of Barbados, the widow of William Johnston - they had one son and one daughter. He was a member of the Royal African Company, which had interests in both Barbados and Carolina and he spent time in both colonies.

Some sources assert that Sir Peter Colleton died in 1679, but most others agree that he lived until 1694.

Sir Peter Colleton was a Member of Parliament, in England, representing Bossiney, Cornwall in 1681, 1689, and 1691-1694. He was a Member of the Council of Barbados 1664-1684.

On December 3, 1664, he was appointed by the Lords Proprietors as Councillor, Assistant to Governor William Drummond, and Secretary/Registrar of Albemarle County in North Carolina. He reached Albemarle County on February 23, 1665. He was living in North Carolina when his father died in England in 1666.

He was named President (Acting Governor) by the Albemarle County Executive Council on 10 March 1670 to succeed Gov. Samuel Stephens, who had died in late 1669.

Sir Peter Colleton was Governor of Albemarle County until May 1672, when he taveled to England to describe problems in the colony - he sent John Jenkins home to run things while he was gone, but Colleton decided to remain in England instead of returning to North Carolina.

Upon his death in 1694, his share of Carolina was inherited by his son, Sir John Colleton, 3rd Baronet.

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