Carolina Lords Proprietors

John Carteret, 2nd Baronet Carteret, 2nd Earl of Granville

April 22, 1690 to January 2, 1763

John Carteret, 2nd Baronet Carteret, 2nd Earl of Granville (April 22, 1690 - January 2, 1763) was the son of Sir George Carteret, 1st Baronet Carteret and Lady Grace Granville. He first married Frances Worsley, daughter of Sir Robert Worsley, 4th Baronet, and had at least 6 children before she died in 1743. A year later, he remarried to Sophia Fermor, daughter of Thomas Fermor, 1st Earl of Pomfret, who died in childbirth the following year with their only daughter.

Educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, he was a good student in Greek, Latin, and Philosophy. He was in the House of Lords starting in 1711 and was a champion of the Protestant Succession. He was Lord Lieutenant of Devonshire from 1716 to 1721, the Southern Secretary from 1721 to 1724, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1724 to 1730, Northern Secretary from 1742 to 1744, and Lord President of the Council from 1751 to his death in 1763.

John Carteret was a favorite of both King George I and King George II because he was fairly fluent in German.

Upon the death of his father at a young age, he inherited a share of Carolina and was the only Lords Proprietor not to sell his share to the Crown in 1728/1729. He forced the Crown to survey a large swath of North Carolina and deed it to him when they purchased the other seven shares. As Lord Granville, he sent several Land Agents to North Carolina to manage the sale of his land holdings, piece-by-piece, until his death in 1763.

North Carolina created a new county - Granville County - in 1746, named after this man. Although its boundaries have evolved considerably over time, it continues to this day.

Some historical accounts identify him as the 1st Earl of Granville, but most sources indicate that he was the 2nd.

Upon the death of Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Beaufort on May 24, 1714, John Carteret, 2nd Baronet Carteret (later 2nd Earl of Granville) was named the ninth and last Palatine of Carolina, a title he retained until the Crown purchased Carolina in 1728/1729. He was Palatine for the second longest tenure of fifteen years, after William Craven, 1st Baron Craven, who held the title for almost seventeen years.
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On December 5, 1718, a formal grant was executed granting "unto John Lord Carteret a Barony consisting of Twelve thousand Acres of Land English Measure situate, lying and being upon Waccamaw River and Commonly called Hobcaw point butting and bounding as appears by a lot or plan hereunto annexed."

Hobcaw Barony Plat

Source: The Baronies of South Carolina by Henry A.M. Smith, as published in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume XIV, 1913.


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