Carolina Lords Proprietors

Henry Bertie

Henry Bertie (May 4, 1675 - December 18, 1735) was the third son of James Bertie, 1st Earl of Abingdon, and his wife Eleanor Lee. He sat as Member of Parliament for Beaumaris, a pocket borough in Wales, until he was unseated in 1727 by Watkin Williams-Wynn.

In 1708, Henry married Arabella Susanna Hamilton, daughter of Hugh Hamilton, 1st Baron Hamilton of Glenawley, and widow of Marcus Trevor, 3rd Viscount Dungannon, but she died not long after the marriage. He later married May, daughter of one of the co-heirs of Peregrine Bertie, son of Montague Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey, and widow of Anthony Henly. They had one daughter, who married her first cousin, Charles Bertie. Henry held his share of Carolina until it was sold to the Crown in 1728/1729.

Bertie County, North Carolina was created in 1722 and named after Henry Bertie and his brother, James Bertie, both Lords Proprietors at that point in time.

Hugh Watson held two separate shares in trust for the minors James Bertie and Henry Bertie - the Edward Hyde share, then owned by the heirs of Seth Sothel and sold to Hugh Watson in 1694; and, the William Berkeley share, then owned by Mary Archdale Danson and her husband John Danson, who had died c.1724, and sold to Hugh Watson in 1725.

Sometime soon thereafter, the Edward Hyde share was assigned solely to James Bertie, and the William Berkeley share was assigned solely to Henry Bertie.

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