Landgrave John Bayley and Son, also a Landgrave

On August 16, 1698, the Lords Proprietors created John Bayley, Esq., of Ballinaclough in the County of Tipperary, Ireland as a Landgrave. In subsequent records this man's surname was spelled Bayley, Bayly, Bailey, and Baily. The correct spelling seems to be Bayley, although Bailey is more common.

The original John Bayley seems to have never crossed the Atlantic Ocean to South Carolina. On his death, his landgraveship descended to his son and heir of the same name - hereinfater referred to as John Bayley II.

John Bayley II also never came to South Carolina. On November 9, 1722, he executed a power of attorney to Alexander Trench of Charles Town to take possession of and sell all lands in Carolina to which the former was entitled under the patent issued to his father.

Due to a complicated series of events, the land became known as Trench's Barony, then Raphoe Barony, and came to the possession of Francis Kinloch, then Thomas Lynch, then Peter and James Sinkler.

Raphoe Barony Plat

Source: The Baronies of South Carolina by Henry A.M. Smith, as published in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume XV, 1915.


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