Gov. Thomas Smith's Executive Council

Dates: 1693 to 1694

Location Met: Charles Town

Thomas Smith was elected as President of the Council in May of 1693 and therefore Acting Governor of Charles Town until the Lords Proprietors could issue a new commission to him later that year.
On November 29, 1693, William Craven, 1st Baron Craven, Palatine issued a commission and instructions to Thomas Smith as the next governor of Charles Town.
On August 13, 1694, the Lords Proprietors appointed Ferdinando Gorges as Attorney General of Charles Town. On that same date, they issued a commission and instructions to John Archdale as the next governor of Charles Town, but he did not arrive for nearly a year, in August of 1675.
Thomas Smith died in office on November 16, 1694.
This Author has not found any records of the Executive Council under Governor Thomas Smith. If any become available, summaries will be provided herein. 

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