President and Deputy Governor Thomas Jarvis's Executive Council

Dates: 1690 to 1691

Location Met: Unknown

To date, this Author has found nothing solid on the members of the Executive Council during either of Thomas Jarvis's administrations. If I find anything new, I will add it here when it is available.

On July 13, 1690, the sitting Executive Council wrote a letter to the governor of Virginia about Acting Governor John Gibbs and his actions against the Pasquotank Precinct Court. It was signed by:
- Thomas Jarvis
- Thomas Harvey
- William Wilkinson
- Benjamin Laker
- Edward Smetheck
- Thomas Lepper
- William Allen
- John Barrow

One can safely assume that Harvey, Wilkinson, Laker, Smetheck, Lepper, Allen, and Barrow continued on the Executive Council under President Thomas Jarvis, at least at the beginning of his first administration.

Dates: 1691 to 1694

Location Met: Unknown

Information not found yet.

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