Deputy Governor Thomas Harvey's Executive Council

Dates: 1694 to 1699

Locations Met: See Below

On August 31, 1694, William Craven, 1st Baron Craven - Palatine - appointed John Archdale to be his Deputy in both sections of Carolina. Archdale had been a Lords Proprietor when he purchased the John Berkeley share of Carolina in 1678, but he soon thereafter gave this share to his son, Thomas Archdale. There is no evidence that he actually sat on any Executive Council in Albemarle County.

On this same date, John Archdale was appointed as the Governor of all Carolina and he arrived in Charles Town in early 1695 (which makes him being on any Executive Council a moot point). Archdale appointed Thomas Harvey as the Deputy Governor to lead the government in Albemarle County.

On this same date, five (5) of the other Lords Proprietors sent over "blank deputations" for both Albemarle County and Charles Town.

On March 7, 1694/96, the Executive Council of Albemarle County issued a warrant for the arrest of Col. William Wilkinson. It was signed by Deputy Governor Thomas Harvey and:
- Daniel Akehurst
- Francis Tomes
- Benjamin Laker
- Thomas Pollock
- Robert Wallis
- Samuel Swann
- Richard Sanderson
- William Duckenfield
- Christopher Merchant
- Anthony Dawson

On December 9, 1696, the Executive Council orders that a Palatine's Court be convened at the home of Francis Tomes. In attendance were Gov. John Archdale and:
- Francis Tomes
- Benjamin Laker
- Maj. Samuel Swann
- Thomas Harvey

Tomes, Laker, Swann, and Harvey were identified as Lords Proprietors' Deputies.

On June 6, 1698, the Executive Council met at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Godfrey. In attendance were Deputy Governor Thomas Harvey and:
- Daniel Akehurst
- Francis Tomes
- Maj. Samuel Swann
- Capt. Henderson Walker

Akehurst, Tomes, Swann, and Walker were identified as Lords Proprietors' Deputies. 

On December 1, 1698, the Executive Council met, but nothing more is known.
If more information comes available it will be added herein.

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