Gov. James Moore, Jr.'s Executive Council

Dates: 1719 to 1721

Location Met: Charles Town

On December 21, 1719, a popular uprising in Charles Town led to a rebellion against the Lords Proprietors and the ejection of Governor Robert Johnson, who refused an offer by the people to continue to serve as governor, but only under the direct control of the Crown. Upon his dismissal of this idea, the colonists chose James Moore, Jr. as their first elected governor of South Carolina and he agreed to only serve in the name of King George I and to no longer serve the interests of the Lords Proprietors. He remained in office until May 29, 1721, when Sir Francis Nicholson was sworn in as Provisional Governor in Charles Town, sent by the Crown.
James Kinloch of Prince George's, Winyah Parish is known to have served on the Executive Council from 1717 until his death in 1757. He served under Governor Robert Johnson twice, Governor James Moore, Governor Francis Nicholson, Acting Governor Arthur Middleton, Acting Governor Thomas Broughton, Acting Governor William Bull, Governor James Glen, and Governor William Henry Lyttleton.
This Author has not found any records of the Executive Council under Governor James Moore, Jr. If any become available, summaries will be provided herein.   

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