Governor Henry Wilkinson's Executive Council

Dates: 1680

Location Met: Unknown

In February of 1680, the Lords Proprietors appointed Henry Wilkinson as Governor of Albemarle County, but delays in sailing and some problems resulting from debts prevented his departure for Carolina. He never actually sailed to Carolina and never actually took the reins of the government in Albemarle County. Who was "running things" in his absence is still up for debate. It was most likely John Jenkins, but could have been John Harvey - or both.

The instructions given to Henry Wilkinson were much the same as those sent to previous governors. He was to call the General Assembly and require them to elect five (5) persons as members of the Executive Council and to join those new members with the five (5) deputies already in the colony to form the "Grand Council" as mentioned in the Fundamental Constitutions.

John Jenkin is known to have been a member of the Executive Council in 1677-1680, apparently elected by the House of Burgesses. Anthony Slocum is also known members of the Executive Council in November of 1679, apparently elected by the House of Burgesses. William Crawford is known as a member of the Executive Council in February of 1679/80, apparently elected by the House of Burgesses.

The known deputies of the Lords Proprietors at this point in time were:
- Timothy Biggs - deputy of William Craven, 1st Baron Craven
- Richard Foster - deputy of Sir George Carteret, Baronet - also Palatine
- James Hill - deputy of Christopher Monck, 2nd Earl of Albemarle
- John Nixon - deputy of Sir Peter Colleton, 2nd Baronet
- John Willoughby - deputy of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury
- Robert Holden - deputy of ?
There were no meetings of the Executive County under Gov. Henry Wilkinson because he never arrived in Carolina.

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