Acting Governor Arthur Middleton's Executive Council

Dates: 1724 to 1729

Location Met: Charles Town

In late 1724, Gov. Sir Francis Nicholson left Charles Town for London, where he arrived in April of 1725. He left the reins of the South Carolina government in care of President of the Council and Acting Governor Arthur Middleton. Middleton remained as the leader of South Carolina until the arrival of the next Royal Governor, Robert Johnson, in 1729.
James Kinloch of Prince George's, Winyah Parish is known to have served on the Executive Council from 1717 until his death in 1757. He served under Governor Robert Johnson twice, Governor James Moore, Governor Francis Nicholson, Acting Governor Arthur Middleton, Acting Governor Thomas Broughton, Acting Governor William Bull, Governor James Glen, and Governor William Henry Lyttleton.
William Bull is known to have served on the Executive Council from 1721 to 1737 under Governor Sir Francis Nicholson, Acting Governor Arthur Middleton, Governor Robert Johnson, and Acting Governor Thomas Broughton.
On January 21, 1724/5, a letter identifies former governor Robert Johnson as the current Receiver General in South Carolina.
On February 9, 1724/5, Thomas Kimberly was appointed as Attorney General for South Carolina.
On May 25, 1725, Robert Wright was appointed as Chief Justice for South Carolina.
On September 27, 1725, Edward Bertie was commissioned as Secretary and Registrar in South Carolina.
On March 30, 1726, the Lords Proprietors agreed to make Col. Samuel Horsey a Landgrave for his services.
On July 1, 1726, a letter documents that Thomas Lowndes has purchased the Landgraveship of John Price, deceased. He then split this into four (4) Baronies on July 2, 1726 - one for himself, one for Isaac Lowndes, one for Charles Edwards, and one for John Beresford.
A 1727 letter identified one member of the Executive Council under President and Acting Governor Arthur Middleton - Alexander Skene.
On November 13, 1728, a letter identified Benjamin Whitaker as Attorney General in South Carolina at that point in time.
On December 19, 1728, President and Acting Governor Arthur Middleton sent a letter that named several members of his Executive Council:
- Ralph Izard
- William Bull
- Alexander Skene
- James Kinloch
- Charlest Hart
- Benjamin Schenckingh
- Benjamin de la Conseillere
This Author has not found any records of the Executive Council under Acting Governor Arthur Middleton. If any become available, summaries will be provided herein.   

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