Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

The Board of Trade's Memorandum on Crown Approving Charles Eden

To the Right Honble the Earl of Dartmouth.

My Lord,

Charles Eden Esqre having been recommended to Her Majesty by the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to be Govr of North Carolina, and Her Majesty having been pleased by Her Order in Councill of the 18th of May 1713, to declare Her Allowance & Approbation of the said Charles Eden to be Governor of the said Province accordingly, Provided he give good and sufficient security, that he duly observe the Acts relating to Trade and Navigation, And We having received a Certificate from Her Majesty's Remembrance Office, that the said Cha. Eden has pursuant to Her Majesty's Order in Councill, given the usual Security of 1000£ for his due Observance of the said Acts, do take this occasion to acquaint Your Lordships the inclosed Draught of Instructions for Her Majesty's Royal Signature, to the forementioned Lords Proprietors of Carolina, relating to the Acts of Trade, being to the like Effect as those that have been given to them, & to all other Proprietors of Plantations on the like Occasion.

We are
My Lord
Your Lordships
Most Obedient and
Most humble Servants,






June 18th 1713.

Memd The Instructions men'd in this
Letter, are the same as those for
Mr Hyde, Entred folio: 337, Except
the Additional Clause & the
two Clauses of an Act, Entred
folio: 367, wch having relation
only to the time of the late War,
were left out in those to Mr


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