Juan de la Bandera

Juan de la Bandera (sometimes found as Vandera) was a Spanish notary who compilied the records of Juan Pardo's expeditions with explicit instructions to record everything he witnessed. Almost nothing is known about Juan de la Bandera, but his chronicles are outstanding and provide a lot of information on these early explorations of America. The Wisconsin Historical Society has an English-transcribed version of Juan de la Bandera's accounts of the expeditions of Juan Pardo, and you can go check it out at their webiste:

http://www.americanjourneys.org/aj-139/summary/index.asp - click on Download/Print and find an Adobe PDF file. (Link current as of July 2005 and September 2015)

The Wisconsin Historical Society's Document Note:

This manuscript of this document is preserved in the Spanish Archivo General de Indias. It occupies seventy-one hand-written pages and is dated March 31, 1569. In it Bandera recorded in great detail everything that the expedition saw or did, but he wrote as a legal secretary rather than a literary master. It is translated and printed for the first time in the source presented (in their site). 


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