Diego de Salazar

The area now known as Beaufort County, South Carolina has a rich, written history beginning 500 years ago with the discovery of the area by Spanish Captain Diego de Salazar in 1514. Some folks refer to him as Pedro Salazar.

Diego de Salazar, Spanish soldier, born in the latter half of the 15th century; died in Florida in 1521. He went to Santo Domingo with one of the expeditions of Columbus, and served there until 1509, when, entering the service of Juan Ponce de Leon, he accompanied the latter in the conquest of the island of Puerto Rico, and assisted in the foundation of the city of Caparra.

In 1511, when the natives, aided by the Caribes, revolted, Salazar, seeing that one of his companions who had been taken prisoner was to be executed, entered the hostile camp, where about 300 Indians, under the Cacique Aimanon, were preparing for the execution, charged upon the enemy and liberated his countryman. This action inspired the Indians with terror, and the Spaniards, taking advantage of it, thenceforth carried him, even when sick, to the battlefield.

In recompense, Salazar was appointed Captain, and on the night of 25 July of the same year, when the Indians surprised and set fire to the town of Guanica, he saved the rest of the Spaniards in that island and defeated the Cacique Mabodamaca near Aymaco, and Agueynaba near Afiasco. In 1512, he accompanied Ponce de Leon in his exploration of Florida, and during the second voyage to that country he met his death in an encounter with the natives.


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