Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

6th Commons House of Assembly - 1702 to 1703
The Sixth Commons House of Assembly convened for at least four (4) known sessions. The first session met from April 1st to April 6th in 1702. The second session met from May 13th to May 19th in 1702. The third session met from August 19th to September 10th in 1702. The fourth session met from January 13th to February 24th in 1703.

Election District


Berkeley County
Craven County

(20 Delegates)

Richard Beresford

Thomas Broughton

John Buckly

Stephen Bull

Charles Burnham

Charles Colleton

David Davis

John Godfrey

John Guppell

Job Howes*

George Logan

James Risbee

George Smith

Serurier Smith

Thomas Smith (Landgrave)

William Smith (Major)

William Smith (Merchant)

Nicholas Trott

Benjamin Waring

Henry Wigington

Colleton County

(10 delegates)

John Ash

Thomas Bowers

William Brockhurst

Joseph Elliott

Thomas Elliott

James Gilbertson

Thomas Jones

John Raven

James Stanyarne

John Stanyarne
* Job Howes was elected as the Speaker of the House. Thomas Rose was elected as Clerk of the House. Edward Bourne was elected as Messenger of the House.
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