Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

2nd Commons House of Assembly - 1695

The Second Commons House of Assembly convened for at least one (1) known session, which met from November 20th to November 28th in 1695. As stated in the previous assembly, which allegedly also met in January of 1695 and July of 1695, those 1695 meetings "might" have actually been for this, the Second Commons House of Assembly.

Journals exist for only the one session identified above, and historians are fairly certain that since there are so many "new" members that this Assembly "must" not be part of the 1st Commons House of Assembly. This group was probably elected in late 1694 or early 1695 and possibly sat as early as January of June of 1695 as described above.

Election District

Delegate (Previous County, if Known)

County Unknown

This Assembly was authorized twenty (20) representatives for the combination of Berkeley County and Craven County, which were no longer represented individually, and ten (10) representatives for Colleton County. The list of delegates to the right has been gleaned from available sources, and it does not include all members nor can their County be determined with any degree of accuracy at this point in time.

Jonathan Amory (Berkeley)

Gilbert Ashley

Charles Bedon

Edmund Bellinger

William Bower

William Brockhurst

Charles Burnham

George Deasley

Thomas Elliott

John Farr

Francis Furgis

Hugh Hext

John Ladson (Berkeley)

John Morton

Louis Price

John Raven

William Smith

John Whitmarsh

Abraham Wright
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