Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

16th Commons House of Assembly - 1717 to 1720

The Sixteenth Commons House of Assembly convened for at least four (4) known sessions. The first session met from April 9th to April 18th in 1717. The second session met from May 21st to June 15th in 1717. The third session met from June 26th to June 29th in 1717. The fourth session met from October 29th to December 11th in 1717.

There was at least one session of this Assembly after December of 1717. It was known to have been in session in July of 1718, October of 1718, February of 1719, March of 1719, December of 1719, and January of 1720.

Election District


Christ Church Parish
(2 Delegates)

*George Logan

Thomas Lynch

St. Andrew's Parish
(4 delegates)

Richard Butler

Jonathan Drake (1) / Walter Izard (2)

Thomas Waring

John Williams

St. Bartholomew's Parish
(3 delegates)

Edmund Bellinger (3) / Thomas Townsend (4)

John Godfrey

William Peter (5) / John Woodward (6)

St. Helena's Parish
(3 delegates)

John Barnwell

John Beamor

Thomas Satur

St. James, Goose Creek Parish
(3 delegates)

Ralph Izard (7)

Benjamin Godin (8) / Arthur Middleton (9)

Roger Moore

St. James, Santee Parish
(1 delegate) 

Vacant (10)

St. John's, Berkeley Parish
(3 delegates)

Jonathan Drake (1)

David Durham

Thomas Summers

St. Paul's Parish
(4 delegates)

Jonathan Drake (1) / Unknown

John Fenwick (11) / Hugh Hext (12)

Unknown / Vacant

Unknown / Vacant

St. Philip's Parish
(4 delegates)

Benjamin De La Conseilliere

Ralph Izard (7) / William Gibbon (13)

Charles Hill (13)

Samuel Wragg (13)

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish
(3 delegates)

Richard Codner

Richard Harris

John Russ (14)
* George Logan was elected as the Speaker of the House. Thomas Moore was elected as Clerk of the House. John Brown was elected as Messenger of the House.
(1) Jonathan Drake was elected for St. Andrew's Parish, St. John's, Berkeley Parish, and St. Paul's Parish. He chose to represent St. John's, Berkeley Parish.
(2) Walter Izard was elected to replace Jonathan Drake and he qualified on 5/28/1717.
(3) Edmund Bellinger declined to serve.
(4) Thomas Townsend was elected to replace Edmund Bellinger and he qualified on 5/29/1717.
(5) William Peter declined to serve.
(6) John Woodward was elected to replace William Peter and he initially declined to serve as well, but he later accepted on 5/29/1717.
(7) Ralph Izard was elected for St. Philip's Parish and for St. James, Goose Creek Parish - he chose to represent the latter.
(8) Benjamin Godin declined to serve.
(9) Arthur Middleton was elected to replace Benjamin Godin and he qualified on 10/30/1717.
(10) No writs were returned for St. James, Santee Parish for this Assembly. Assumed to remain vacant.
(11) John Fenwick declined to serve.
(12) Hugh Hext was elected to replace John Fenwick and he qualified on 5/23/1717.
(13) William Gibbon, Charles Hill, and Samuel Wragg all received equal votes. When Ralph Izard chose to represent St. James, Goose Creek Parish, they all took their seats. Samuel Wragg was appointed to the SC Council and he took his seat on 8/13/1717.
(14) John Russ died between June 29th and October 29th in 1717. His seat remained vacant.
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