Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

14th Commons House of Assembly - 1713 to 1715
The Fourteenth Commons House of Assembly convened for at least nine (9) known sessions. The first session met from September 22nd to September 23rd in 1713. The second session met from November 17th to December 18th in 1713. The third session met from May 4th to May 15th in 1714. The fourth session met from June 1st to June 12th in 1714. The fifth session met from November 9th to December 18th in 1714. The sixth session met from February 8th to February 25th in 1715. The seventh session met from May 6th to May 13th in 1715. The eighth session met from August 2nd to August 27th in 1715. The ninth session met from October 11th to October 13th in 1715.

Election District


Berkeley County
Craven County

(20 Delegates)

John Bee

John Cantey (1) / George Chicken (1)

William Cattell (2) / Walter Izard (2)

Joseph Child (3) / Thomas Barker (3)

Benjamin De La Conseilliere

David Davis

Robert Daniell

George Evans

Robert Fenwicke

Jonathan Fitch

William Fuller (4)

John Guerard

Robert Howes

James Kinloch

Arthur Langhorne (5)

Alexander Parris

Benjamin Quelch

William Rhett*

Benjamin Schenckingh

Benjamin Simons (6) / Thomas Waring (6)

Colleton County

(10 delegates)

John Cochran

Lawrence Dennis

Ralph Ennis (7) / James Cochran (7)

Abraham Eve

John Fenwicke

John Godfrey (8) / Christopher Wilkinson (8)

Edward Hext (9) / Edmund Bellinger (9)

Henry Quintyne

John Raven

John Woodward
* William Rhett was elected as the Speaker of the House. Thomas Moore was elected as Clerk of the House. Lewis Lansac was elected as Messenger of the House.
(1) John Cantey declined to serve. George Chicken was elected to replace John Cantey and he qualified on 5/5/1714.
(2) William Cattell declined to serve. Walter Izard was elected to replace William Cattell and he qualified on 5/5/1714.
(3) Joseph Child declined to serve. Thomas Barker was elected to replace Joseph Child and he qualified on 5/5/1714.
(4) William Fuller declined to serve, but he was re-elected and qualified on 5/5/1714.
(5) Arthur Langhorne died before Decembrer 15, 1714. His seat remained vacant.
(6) Benjamin Simons declined to serve. Thomas Waring was elected to replace Benjamin Simons and he qualified on 5/5/1714.
(7) Ralph Ennis declined to serve. James Cochran was elected to replace Ralph Ennis and he qualified on 5/5/1714.
(8) John Godfrey declined to serve. Christopher Wilkinson was elected to replace John Godfrey and he qualified on 5/6/1714.
(9) Edward Hext declined to serve. Edmund Bellinger was elected to replace Edward Hext and he qualified on 5/5/1714.
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