Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

11th Commons House of Assembly - 1708 to 1709

The Eleventh Commons House of Assembly convened for at least four (4) known sessions. The first session met November 24th to December 17th in 1708. The second session met from February 1st to February 19th in 1709. The third session met from April 20th to May 6th in 1709. The fourth session met from October 19th to November 5th in 1709.

This Assembly also met at least two more times - between November of 1709 and April of 1710 - because at least two Acts were ratified - one on January 14, 1710 and one on April 8, 1710.

It is not currently possible to ascertain from which county all of the following delegates served because the information has yet to be found. Some can be surmised based on previous and future assemblies, but this Author leaves that up to the reader.

Election District


County Unknown

(30 Delegates)

Charles Burnham (1) / James Ingerson (1)

William Capers

John Chapman

George Chicken

John Cochran

Robert Daniell

Lawrence Dennis

David Durham

Thomas Elliott

Jonathan Fitch

William Gibbon

James Gilbertson

Ralph Izard

John Jackson

John Kenneway

Thomas Lake (2)

George Logan

William Maggett

Arthur Middleton

John Moore

John Abraham Motte

Thomas Nairne (3) / Robert Seabrook (3)

Henry Noble

Lewis Pasquereau

Richard Peterson

Benjamin Quelch

John Raven

James Risbee*

William Smith (4) / Nicholas Nary (4)

John Stroud (5) / Alexander Parris (5)
* James Risbee was elected as the Speaker of the House. Thomas Hepworth was elected as Clerk of the House. Robert Ellis was elected as Messenger of the House.
(1) Charles Burnham declined to serve. James Ingerson was elected to replace Charles Burnham and qualified on 2/8/1709.
(2) Thomas Lake was disqualified from taking his seat because he accepted the position of Marshal on February 19, 1709. Apparently his seat remained vacant for the remainder of 1709.
(3) Thomas Nairne was expelled from the House for alleged treasonous activities. Robert Seabrook was elected to replace Thomas Nairne and qualified on 2/17/1709.
(4) William Smith declined to serve. Nicholas Nary was elected to replace William Smith and qualified on 2/8/1709.
(5) John Stroud declined to serve. Alexander Parris was elected to replace John Stroud and qualified on 2/8/1709.
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